We specialise in vehicle electronics diagnosis & offer repair and replacement services for all types of vehicles including cars, motorcycles and commercial trucks.

Motor vehicles continue to become ever more complex as manufacturers strive to meet increasing demands for safety, fuel economy and performance plus conform to legislation and enhance the customer experience.

Many improvements to vehicles during the last 3 decades have been achieved with the introduction of electronic devices that  improve efficiency. Examples include the precise delivery of fuel to the motive unit in response to driver throttle behaviour and anti-lock assistance to braking systems that reduce the likelihood of loss of control in emergency situations.

Depending on vehicle age and manufacturer, vehicles contain an array of different electronic modules that control functions or subsystems ranging from the power unit, transmission, suspension to environmental management.

Typically, these electronic modules are referred to as Electronic Control Units (ECU’s) but other terms in use include BSI, ECM, TCM, PCM and CCM and these refer to units that manage specific functions or subsystems within vehicles.